Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dairy Council of California

We had a visit from the Dairy Council of California today.  This morning during our morning message I told the children a cow would be visiting our school.  They were very excited, and even more excited when they realized it would be a REAL cow.

At 11:00 we headed down the hill and sat on benches and were ready to listen.  The presenter taught us a lot of information about cows and we learned tons of new vocabulary.  The adult female cow was named Holly and she was black and white.  We learned that she was a Holstein cow.  We learned the parts of her body, how she is milked, and the parts of her area in the trailer.  The children also learned about how a cow eats and what happens to the food.  Ask your child if they remember what "regurgitate" or "cud" is.

After we learned about the adult cow, we met a bull calf named Milkdud.  Milkdud was not Holly's baby.  He was very cute and only 4 weeks old!  The presenter informed us that Milkdud learned to walk only 1 hour after being born.  On our way back to class we were able to wave goodbye to Holly and pet Milkdud.  We had a lot of fun.