Thursday, February 3, 2011

DK Behavior Plan

DK Behavior Plan
During the first weeks of school we will discuss the importance of good behavior and why we have rules.
The classroom rules will be:
1.      We raise our hands to speak.
2.   We work quietly at our seats.
3.   We keep hands to ourselves.
4.   We use voices soft and sweet.
5.   We are helpful to our friends.
6.    We keep our places neat. 
Our classroom rules are in the form of a poem so they are easy to remember. 
Accepting Responsibility For Our Actions
Even at the young ages of 4 and 5, children need to learn the importance of accepting responsibility for their actions.  In our classroom we will keep track of our behavior with color coded faces.  Every child will have a clothespin with his/her name on it.  Each day will begin with everyone's clothespin in the middle.  Our goal is to keep all the clothespins on yellow, orange or pink throughout the day.   
If a child breaks a rule, he/she is first given a verbal reminder about the correct way to behave as a warning.  If the same child continues to misbehave or has difficulty following the rules later the same day, he/she will be asked to move his/her clothespin to green which has a sad face.  If a child continues to have a difficult time they are reminded again and move their clothespin down.
If a child is doing an exceptional job at any given time during the day the child will move their clothespin up to orange, followed by pink.  If the child continues to do an outstanding job I will wear the child’s clothespin on my clothes for all to see. 
Each day a Behavior Report will come home in the Home/ School folder.  The child will place the color on their chart that correlates with the color they were on that day.
A child is not “stuck” on a particular color, they are able to move up and down throughout the day.