Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DK Schedule 2010-2011

Monday and Wednesday
7:55-8:20  Morning Routine
8:20-9:15  Language Arts
9:15-9:45  Religion
9:45-10:10  Recess and Snack
10:10-11:00  Math
11:00-11:30  Science or Social Studies
11:30-12:00  Computers
12:00-12:30  Lunch/Home

Tuesday and Thursday
7:55-8:20  Morning Routine
8:20-8:35  Language Arts
8:35-9:05  Music
9:05-9:45  Language Arts
9:45-10:10  Recess and Snack
10:10-10:40  Spanish
10:40-11:10  P.E.
11:10-12:00  Science or Social Studies
12:00-12:30  Lunch/Home

7:55-8:20  Morning Routine
8:20-9:15  Language Arts
9:15-9:45  Math
9:45-10:10  Recess and Snack
10:10-11:00  Library
11:00-12:00 Art
12:00-12:30  Lunch/Home

Friday, February 18, 2011

Calendar Notebooks

Each year after Christmas I begin using "Calendar Notebooks" with the children.  We do this after our regular calendar routine to practice writing numbers, letters and our math skills.  Each child brings a 3-ring binder and zipper pouch to school and I place their items inside.  Every year the children get so excited about having something so "grown up" all to themselves.  This year, after explaining calendar notebooks to his mother, one little boy told her he was so excited his "head was going to explode!"  I love seeing the children enthusiastic and happy about learning!
 Thank you to Jessica Meacham at for sharing this idea!

We begin each day with the date.

We practice writing the "code date."  The kids actually understand this concept and love "cracking the code."

We write the day of the week.

We write how many days we've been in school.

We graph the weather.

The next pages are in page protectors because we use them everyday and do not change them out like the other pages.  First we have a number grid and we practice counting by 5's and 10's.  Once the children learn 5's, we will start counting by 2's also.

Next we have our "Money Poems."  The children learn a poem for each coin.  This helps when we cover coins in math.  If they forget how much a coin is worth, I remind them to say their poem.  The children also track the words with their finger.  They get excited to see many of our sight words in the poem.

The last page in our calendar notebook is the days of the week.  We just practice reading/saying them in order.

In the pocket of our calendar binder we keep our "Math Journal."  Each day we complete a page and review/practice a particular math skill.  The math journals are changed out each month with the calendar pages.  Thanks to for the monthly math journals.

100th Day of School

This year, our 100th day was on February 10th.  The children were so excited to reach such a "fun" number.  Many of them thought after the 100th day, school would be over.  I explained many times that they still had 80 more days to go!  We did many fun things throughout the day. 

Here is a picture of the 100th day crown we made.  I didn't realize how big I made them until they were on their little heads!  Next year I will make note :)  The crowns say "I'm 100 days smarter!"  I told the class that this was something they COULD brag about, and they loved it!

The children each brought in a collection of 100 things from home and we came up with clever ways to count and sort their items. 

One little boy brought in 100 stickers.  Another brought in 100 M&M's.  Another brought in 100 cars.  Some children brought in 10 groups of 10 items and we practiced counting by 10's to 100.

We made a "100 Days of School" book and drew a picture for each page. 

We built a "castle" using 100 mega blocks.  The children sat in a circle and I passed out blocks until we reached 100 and each child had a turn to put their blocks on the castle. 

Each child had a clipboard and walked around the room looking for words.  They each wrote about 7 words.  I glued the pages and together we wrote 100 words!  I hung the list on the treehouse because it was so tall.

We also made a 100th day trail mix.  There were 10 items on the table and each child put 10 of each into their baggie.  They were so excited and snacked on extras while they worked.  A big "THANK YOU" to all the parents who helped donate the snack items.

We also put 100 stickers on a paper.  The children LOVE working with the little stickers!  They had to put 10 stickers in each section to make 100. 

Valentine's Day

We started getting ready for Valentine's Day by decorating our valentine boxes in the Art room.  We had fun using stickers, markers, foam shapes and glitter. 

We also decorated hearts with oil pastels.  The children colored their entire heart for our "Love Comes in All Colors" bulletin board.  The class LOVED using the oil pastels!

On Valentine's Day we had a little "party" with Valentine's Day themed stations.  The children decorated cookies, made a valentine pal, graphed their conversation hearts and passed out their valentines.